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Hercules in the Northern
night sky

"The Constellation Hercules"

Constellations - General

The Greek Mythology of the Constellations

Constellation Meanings and Stories in Greek Mythology

Constellation Maps, and Deep Sky Objects found in the constellations

Constellations from Viking (Norse) Mythology.

Lakota Native American Star names and Constellations

Japanese star charts, star meanings in Japanese mythology

Specific Constellations

Orion constellation in Lakota Native American mythology

Ursa Major constellation in Navajo Native American mythology

Ursa Major constellation in Hindu mythology

Taurus, the Pleiades in Aztec mythology

Taurus in Hindu mythology

The Pleides in Taurus. What it meant in many different cultures

Taurus, the Pleiades in Navajo Native American Mythology


Real Pictures of the Constllations with star info

Table of the 100 nearest stars, and their distances in parsecs.

Another list of the 50 nearest stars, including links to each star and constellations.

A list of the 100 nearest stars, including common names

A clickable list of the 151 Brightest stars

A list of the 26 Brightest Stars (Apparent Magnitude), including Constellations

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Painting of Perseus rescuing Andromeda. Notice Pegasus and Medusa. Circa 1620 by Rubens.

Sculpure of Perseus slaying Medusa. Circa 1545 by Benvenuto Cellini.

Engraving of The allegory of Hunting: The Hunter Endymion (Orion) carrying the Tutelary Goddess Artemis by Georgius Ghisi 1556 Italy.

Herakles (Hercules) battles three Kentauroi (Centaurs) armed with boulders and tree-branches. Painted on greek pottery Circa 500 BC.

Herakles (Hercules) shoots the Stymphalian birds (The spotted bird is Cygnus the Swan) with a sling. Painted on greek pottery Circa 550 BC.

Tile mosaic on a Roman floor depicting Herakles (Hercules) fighting the Nemean Lion (Leo) Circa 300 AD.

Remains of a Greek Temple dedicated to Gemini (Castor and Pollux).